Events & Catering

Bringing Oxy to you

Celebrations are always difficult to plan for, we know more than most! So let us use our experience and take the hassle of catering out of the picture for you. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure everything comes off without a hitch!

Oxy oriental can create a special menu to cater for the occasion you are holding.

Answer these five basic questions and we can quote you...

1. What is the event/Date?
2. Where will it be held?
3. What is your budget for the event?
4. How many people will there be?
5. What dishes would you like us to create?

Then give us a call on 01865 749 888.

Group Bookings

Party Time! 

We love hosting your parties in Oxy. There are a heck of a lot of things to do in Oxford so make sure visiting Oxy isn’t something you miss out on! Any sized group is more than welcome to come and experience the atmosphere and sample the delights of Oxy Oriental!